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15-Aug-2017 11:27

One day, many young girls are jealous of Anna, because she became the wife of a "real man".

After the wedding, their relationship has changed little.

Despite the strange relationship, the wedding of Anna Kashf and Marlon Brando was held October 11, 1957, the ceremony was modest, but the bride and groom were unusual.

Marlon Brando once was apologizing that it was not on purpose, to Marilyn Monroe, in response, she looked at him and said, Brand came to Marilyn and the dream of every young American of the time realized.

They began to quarrel less only because they became less see each other.

Anna told reporters one of their quarrels with Marlon.

There, he met Marilyn Monroe, an acquaintance was accidental and not pleasant circumstances.

During the next party Brando talking excitedly, holding a drink in hand, with a friend near the piano, where at this time, Marilyn was playing softly the melody to entertain themselves.

This delay was the reason that Brando in a hurry cleaned implications night party.