28 parenting dos and don'ts online dating

28-Nov-2017 14:39

28 parenting dos and don'ts online dating-18

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If you're an "average" looking guy, you can expect to fall into this category about 10% of them time when meeting women.Alex Greenberg of Price Date.com, a new dating platform, said, "When a woman is initially attracted to you, that gets your foot in the door.Category #3: Undecided: About 80% of the time for average guys, they're going to fall in this category.Undecided can actually be a very good place to be, especially if you have some knowledge of seduction and chemistry.If they complained that you never listened, were emotionally unavailable or work too much—be present, listen and stop zoning out and escaping.Make the changes s/he has always asked for and show them these are forever changes, not just “get you back” changes.

In these situations I’ve seen people do all sorts of things to try to save their marriages—most of which kill off any chance of getting back together.

If they complained about your anger—show up calm and stay calm.

If they complained about your lack of help—step up and get responsible—help them.

The last thing you want to do with someone who says they need space is to smother them and give them no space.

Don’t allow your fear and insecurity to sabotage your chances at saving this relationship.

Don’t act like a sick puppy and beg, plead, cry or tell them how utterly distraught you are.