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Actually the repairs were completed only in 240 under Gordian III and a coin was minted for the occasion.

Gordian wanted to celebrate in Rome a lavish triumph for his victory in the war against the Persians, and had collected 32 elephants, 10 elks, 10 tigers, 60 lions, 30 leopards, 10 hyenas, 1000 couples of gladiators from the imperial , 6 hippos, 1 rhinoceros, 10 bears, 10 giraffes, 20 Asiatic wild asses, 40 wild horses and many other animals.

They were first exhibited and then killed on occasion of the shows organised for the millennium of the city: April 21, 248.

The amphitheatre was again damaged - according to some sources - during the reign of Decius (201–251) or of Trebonianus Gallus (206–253).

The Roman ruling class was obliged, by law and by the expectation of the people, to organize these shows to gain the favour of the citizens.

The organization of the games, which involved great expenses, became a matter of public interest and was regulated by many laws.

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In 320 the amphitheatre was again struck by lightning, but it wasn't heavily damaged.

In 262, during the reign of Gallienus (218-268) a violent earthquake devastated the Eastern Mediterranean; also Rome was affected, so much that the following year a plague epidemic spread in the city.