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42% of the so-called first Furmint was 2009 vintage.

This was probably because 2010 was a difficult year.

Some wines went beyond this, with 13% exceeding 5,000 forints.

Affordable wines were also well-represented, with 17% of the Furmint priced between 1000 – 2000 HUF. We had another great Furmint Február tasting and look forward to the next Furmint Február in February 2013.

The philosophy of Furmint Február Lovers of wine are increasingly recognizing Furmint as an outstanding grape variety.

What is less well-known is that the varietal is native to Hungary, and we believe that this message can be communicated more effectively through events such as Furmint Február.

The Quaternary landscape development processes and their consequences are described in detail.

In Hungary, fluvial processes are dominant; therefore, the development of the fluvial network, the formation of terrace systems and their controlling factors (e.g. The other main form assemblage of the region is connected to blown sand and loess formation.

Furmint is also grown in the small Hungarian wine region of Somló, and in Austria where it is known as Mosler.In a bid to promote Furmint overseas, Hungarian Wine House has joined forces with Furmint Február for the first time during 2012.We offer all our Furmint and Furmint-made cuvée wines at a discounted price throughout February.It was this compromise which opened the second great phase of development in the history of Budapest, lasting until World War I.

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In 1873 Buda and Pest were officially merged with the third part, Óbuda (Ancient Buda), thus creating the new metropolis of Budapest.

This time, the Holy League's army was twice as large, containing over 74,000 men, including German, Croat, Dutch, Hungarian, English, Spanish, Czech, Italian, French, Burgundian, Danish and Swedish soldiers, along with other Europeans as volunteers, artilleryman, and officers, the Christian forces reconquered Buda, and in the next few years, all of the former Hungarian lands, except areas near Timişoara (Temesvár), were taken from the Turks.

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