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They presently manufacture long case, mantel, wall, and tabletop clocks which is now owned by the Colibri Group.

The company temporarily stopped their operations on January 16, 2009 and went into receivership but came back on May 4, 2009 under new owners.

The Gilbert Manufacturing Company was rebuilt a year later as William L. It was sold to the Spartus Corporation of Chicago in 1964.

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– founded in 1926 as the Herman Miller Clock Company.The Edward Meyer brand is actually manufactured in China and distributed in the United States by varied retailers.Even though the company does not hold a distinguished history compared to other famous clock makers, Edward Meyer are manufactured in extremely high and notable standards.A modern Tempus Fugit grandfather clock measures a height of 14.75 ft and a width of 11 inches, the tempus fugit sign is marked on top.

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– each these timepieces are noted for their excellence and are crafted with the same pride that every Hentschel carries along dating back to the originals since 1890.

– named after its maker, Gustav Becker timepieces easy to identify, almost all his clocks including the tall cases are weight driven that followed with the introduction of the spring driven mechanisms.