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25-Nov-2017 01:50

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By default, the Create User Wizard control approves new accounts.

You can configure this behavior using the control's property value as an input parameter.

To prevent this from happening you could move the signup page to an folder, and require that an administrator manually create each account.

Alternatively, you could allow anyone to signup, but prohibit site access until an administrator approves the user account.

To accommodate this workflow, we need to first update the account creation page so that new users are unapproved. Clicking this takes the user to the URL specified by the control's , which prompts the user for their hometown, homepage URL, and signature. Text = "The User Id was not included in the querystring..." Else Dim user Id As Guid Try user Id = New Guid(Request. Text = "The User Id passed into the querystring is not in the proper format..." Exit Sub End Try Dim usr As Membership User = Membership. Please login to the site." End If End If End Sub page when visited through a browser.

Open the Protected Sub New User Wizard_Sending Mail(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Because this information can only be added by logged on users, it makes sense to update this property to send users back to the site's homepage ( page or the Create User Wizard step should be augmented to inform the user that they have been sent a verification email and their account won't be activated until they follow the instructions in this email. Get User(user Id) If usr Is Nothing Then Status Message. Figure 7: The New User's Account is Now Approved (Click to view full-size image) All Membership user accounts have two statuses that determine whether the user can log into the site: for the user to login.

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A user is automatically locked out if they provide invalid credentials a specified number of times within a specified number of minutes (the default settings lock a user out after 5 invalid login attempts within 10 minutes).

The Login control was also updated to show a custom message if attempting to login from a locked out account.

You know that an account has been locked out once you start seeing the following message at the login page: "Your account has been locked out because of too many invalid login attempts.

In the tutorial we constructed a page that listed each user account in a paged, filtered Grid View.

The grid lists each user's name and email, their approved and locked out statuses, whether they're currently online, and any comments about the user. Year Check Box is only checked if the user is approved.

Query String("user") Dim usr As Membership User = Membership. But in the tutorial we looked at enhancing the Login control to display a more appropriate message.

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