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Trzech Wieszczów) oraz literatury polskiej w ogóle[3][4], a nawet za jednego z największych na skalę europejską[5].Członek Stowarzyszenia Filomatów, mesjanista związany z Kołem Sprawy Bożej Andrzeja Towiańskiego.Many biographical facts, particularly those pertaining to his relationships with women, were deliberately obscured to preserve a flawless public image of the poet.Likewise, his interest in mysticism and involvement in mystical cults tended to be minimized, especially during the years of Communist rule in Poland when the official line was to shun spirituality of any kind, not to expose the poet to ridicule. Władysław, can be held partially responsible for this state of affairs, but he is not the only one.What Homer is to the Greeks, or Shakespeare to the British, Mickiewicz is to the Poles.He is a cultural icon, a name inextricably connected with Polish literature and history, and one mentioned with pride.

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Mickiewicz constantly explores the relationship between man and nature as well as its impact on the fate of the characters in his poems.

Yet already in the 1930s, there were critical voices against the bowdlerization of Mickiewicz's work (since some editions of his works eliminated the more racy passages) and objections were raised against the cover-up in renditions of his biography.

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