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If this identification is correct—since the Siddhāntaśiromaṇi was written in 1150—Bhaskara II must have been in Vijjala’s capital while the latter was still dandanāyaka of the Cālukya kings, Jagadekamalla II (1138–1150) and Taila III (1150–1156).We further know from Trivikrama’s Damayantikathā that he was the son of Nemāditya (Devāditya?His son was Bhāskarabhatta, who was given the title of Vidyāpati by Bhojarāja (the Paramāra king of Dhārā from ca. Bhāskara’s son, Laksmīdhara, was made chief of the Panditas by Sin̄ghana’s predecessor, Jaitrapāla (1191–1209); and Laksmīdhara’s son, Can̄gadeva, was the chief astrologer to Singhana himself.It is confirmed in Bhāskara’s works—e.g., in the concluding verses of the Siddhāntaśiromaṇi—that his father was Maheśvara of the Śāndilya gotra; it is further added that he came from the city Vijjadavida (Bijāpur in Mysore), which was probably named after the Kalacūri king Vijjala II (1156–1175).A modern Sanskrit commentary (aside from those which accompany some of the editions listed below) was published by candra Śekhara Jhā under the title Vyaktavilāsa (Benares, 1924). Mirza, in Journal of the Asiatic Society of Science, 18 [1952], 1–10); and the third was made in 1678 by Muhammad Amīn ibn Shaykh Muhammad Saʿīd. The latter was republished by Haran Chandra Banerji as Colebrooke’s Translation of the Lílāvati (Calcutta,)892; 2nd ed., Calcutta, 1927).2 The Bījagnita, on algebra, contains twelve chapters: There are two Persian translations of the Bījaganita, one anonymous and the other by ʿAtā allāh Rashīdīibn A′hmad Nādir for Shah Jahan in 1634/1635. The Golādhyāya, then, is to a large extent an expansion and explanation of the Ganitādhyāya.There are also numerous editions of the Sanskrit text of the LīlāvatīThere are also many translations of the Līlāvatī. The following commentaries on the Siddhāntaśiromaṇi are known (besides various anonymous ones): The Tippanīvivarana of Buddhinātha Jhā was published at Benares in 1912.Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, cannot guarantee each citation it generates.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.,” in Journal of the Oriental Institute, Baroda, 8 (1958/1959), 399–409.Davld Pingree gives you the ability to cite reference entries and articles according to common styles from the Modern Language Association (MLA), The Chicago Manual of Style, and the American Psychological Association (APA).Kielhorn (Epigraphia Indica, 1 [1892], 338–346), records the endowment, by Soïdeva the Nikumbha, on 9 August 1207, of an educational institution (matha) for the study of Bhāskara’s works, beginning with the Siddhāntaśiromaṇi.

There is further reference in this inscription to Soïdeva’s brother and successor, Hemādideva, who was a feudatory of the Yādava king of Devagiri, Sin̄ghana, whose rule began in 1209/1210.

A Kannada version is supposed to have been made by Bhāskara Il’s contemporary Rājāditya, who flourished, apparently, under the Hoysala king Visnuvardhana (111–1141). The list of editions of the text is arranged under three headings: Siddhāntaśiromaṇi, Grahaganitādhyāya, and Golādhyāya. Aside from the translations into the vernacular mentioned above, I know only of the following two: a Latin translation of the Grahaganitādhyāya publishedby E.

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