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Anticipating the selection would be meager, I was shocked at the breadth of the mobile otome market.Many of them featured the same game mechanics, but with a variety of genres I toyed with the idea of playing one or two titles from what appeared to be the major developers, doing a quick comparison, but then shelving the idea for some reason.If you can get a best ending through choices alone, it’s a decent albeit slow model.However, if it turns out you can’t get a good or best ending without spending, then the whole thing is a farce and one that takes ages to realise I’m sure many people just end up buying the boosts because they’ve spent so much time getting towards the end. The second model, as seen with developer Voltage, Inc., is a bit cheekier.He believes he is God’s gift to women and that they would be crazy not to want to sleep with him at the drop of a hat.

It renewed my interest in visual novels in general and eventually led me to the mobile market to further whet my palate.

Last month, I saw tweets from Wendy where she and friends were playing the same otome games I had passed up.

I suddenly felt silly for not pursuing the idea earlier and was spurred on to give them a go. I knew (rightly, it turns out) that the stories would have the same main female character and the same basic archetypes of male characters.

He may be blunt sometimes, but he is generally just quiet and misunderstood.

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He doesn’t know how to socialise, so he can come off as cold, distant, and even abrasive.

You can purchase items to boost this meter outside of the choices you make in the story.