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If there is only one dish you make from this website, make sure it is kapustnica. My grandma would typically first serve me chicken noodle soup (with home-made noodles! She would often top them with crushed walnuts instead of poppy seeds. They are quite easy to prepare and have a taste much different from anything commonly available in the United States.

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It highlights some of my favorite dishes, with links to the recipes.

It will also give you an idea of the kinds of dishes you may expect to find in a typical Slovak restaurant.

My favorite Slovak dish, by far, is kapustnica, sauerkraut soup made with smoked meats and dried mushrooms.

The cuisine has its origin in the diverse Slovak geography.

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The landscapes vary from flat lowlands of the Danube valley in the south, through the wine producing Tokaj region in the east, to the snow-capped alpine peaks of the Tatra mountains in the north.

Knedle are used to soak up juices in your dish and as such go really well with stews and saucy dishes.