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Shakun Narain A spiritual site of writings by Shakun Narain on thoughts, articles and books on Hinduism and spirituality.Also includes mantras and prayers for everyday use.Indian Handicraft Exporter Indian handicraft store are exporters and suppliers of Indian handicrafts, Indian wooden handicraft, handicraft products, Indian jewelry, wall hangings, decorative boxes. pre-natal samskaras The Best of Both Worlds India The news that matters Bhagavad-gita and Management, by M. Bhattathiri Instant Karma A new movie about a safecracker who dies and reincarnates as a series of animals. Murtis direct from Bhagirath Murti Wala in Jaipur Em C Alternative Psychiatry Based on Srimad-Bhagavatam Kaurava/Pandava Family Chart India Timesof Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts Mt.

Extensive links to the Hare Krishna movement (at this site).

rural refrigeration appliances made from clay that do not need electricity Astrological Gem Stones Bhumi Project international Hindu response to the environmental challenges facing our planet.

It is facilitated by the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

The subtle smiles and classic poses are sure to bring a sense of serenity to any meditation room, home altar or temple.

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Photos of sacred India - Sri Rangam, Ramesvaram, Cape Comorin, Padmanabha Palace, Vrindavana. at this site More than you want to know about the Hare Krishna Movement, ISKCON: at this site.

Visit the author, Richard Schiffman (click here), or click on the book cover to see it at Does He Exist?

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