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Instead, he passed out on the sand, as crabs crawled over his face.

The next morning, he learned he engaged in an aggressive make-out session with one female cast member and hurled insults at another who was born with only one full arm.

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If someone is passing out or slurring, you’re going to take care of them.” “Producers absolutely step in if they think there is something bad going on,” he adds.

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A young American serviceman, stationed in Germany after the fall of the Third Reich, jeopardises his position with the Marshall Plan relief effort by breaking the non-fraternisatiom rule ... Kelly, a prostitute, traumatised by an experience, referred to as 'The Naked Kiss,' by psychiatrists, leaves her past, and finds solace in the town of Grantville. See full summary » In New York's 1880's newspaper district a dedicated journalist manages to set up his own paper.… continue reading »

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