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16-Jul-2017 12:03

But for me, when I want to wrap myself in an exotic late-night fog of sweet, lightly musky glory I will reach for this in the spring/summer, and Opium for the same purpose in the fall/winter.I also have to say that I'm not sure what relationship this bears with Kouros other than the name of the bottle.Touch is just a bit more fresh and floral, whereas Body Kouros is more sweet, resinous, and slightly medicinal. I've got the newer bottle, so I assume I am working with the reformulation - but I can attest that if this is a weaker version of Body Kouros then the original must have been potent enough to fill an aircraft hangar., but more on that below Much like YSL Opium, this scent is bafflingly unique and so beautifully blended that I am not nearly as impressed by specific notes as I am knocked over by the collective statement of the scent.Also like Opium (and original Kouros for that matter), this strikes me as sufficiently polarizing that I don't know that I'd use this before facing mixed company.

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reformulated version: Basically I prefer the sweet scents, but this one is too sweet, too heavy, and first 15-20 minutes is extremely loud.I feel grateful that most people who I cherish and connect happen to love Body Kouros (on me) as well!