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Markley made Wright's acquaintance while visiting his daughter during her stay at the Hillside Home School, in Spring Green, Wisconsin, run by Wrights aunts, Jane and Ellen C. When Wright left his practice and went to Europe with Mrs.

Wright was commissioned to design both the City National Bank and Park Inn Hotel in early 1909 and construction began April 1, 1909.

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FOR THE SHAREHOLDER MEETING TO BE HELD ON AUGUST 18, 2011, THIS PROXY STATEMENT AND OUR 2010 ANNUAL REPORT ON FORM 10-K FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2010, AS FILED WITH THE SEC, WILL BE AVAILABLE AT The enclosed proxy is solicited by and on behalf of the Board of Directors of City National Bancshares Corporation (the "Corporation", “we” or “us”) for use at the Annual Meeting of Stockholders to be held on Thursday, August 18, 2011, at p.m., at City National Bank of New Jersey located at 900 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey or at any adjournment thereof.Where a choice or abstention is specified in the form of proxy with respect to a matter being voted upon, the shares represented by proxy will be voted in accordance with such specification.If a proxy is signed but no specification is given, the shares will be voted for the director nominees named herein and in favor of the other proposal described below. With the Farm Crisis in the early 1920s, banks failed all across the state of Iowa.

Printed on a warm gray stock with the watermark "Commerce Bond".

The enclosed proxy is for use at the meeting if you do not attend the meeting, or if you wish to vote your shares by proxy even if you attend the meeting.