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01-Oct-2017 15:09

or after p.m., unless the account is past due for more than sixty (60) days or the cardholder has given express permission or said times are the only reasonable or convenient opportunities for contact.

If you are having problems paying off your credit card debts, here’s a good debt settlement plan from no other than Robert Kiyosaki, author of the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

It is now considered an efficient, safe (as long as reasonable precautions are observed) and interesting way to narrow the field and meet potential partners.

Its not just for the young, but its becoming popular with seniors.

Some of these credit card collection agencies threaten to file a criminal case called Republic Act 8484.

As long as you did not fake your identity in your credit card application, be calm.

This will give you a hard time securing any type of credit or loan in the future as the database is mostly shared by banks.

The best way you to take is to manage and discipline yourself in using your credit cards.

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Yes, they can file a case called SUM OF MONEY but this can not put you to jail even if you insisted not to pay for it.

Her concern is her fear on losing her job as the company policy dictates that all managers and executives should be cleared from the list with bad credit history.

Aside from company policies whenever applicable, the bad thing about not paying credit card bills is that your name will be listed under the directory with bad credit history.

One of my readers before who is working as a manager had an unpaid credit card bills due to fraudulent purchases.

She told me that the bank where she is working had a recent audit of the credit history of their employees.

This is what I learned upon my employment in an asset management firm before.

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