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The Danish kings between 14 are shown in outline form only in Chapter 4 of this document.From 1449, the Danish crown was united with the Norwegian when Christian Duke of Oldenburg was chosen as king of Denmark and Norway.Haralds son King Svend I started raiding England soon after his accession in [987], culminating in a full-scale invasion in 1013 when Svend succeeded in imposing himself as de facto ruler of the country.

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Einhard's Annales record that news of the death of "Hemmingus Danorum rex" arrived in 812, that "Sigifridus nepos Godofredi regis et Anulo nepos Herioldi quondam regis" both claimed the succession, and that the faction supporting "Anulonis" was victorious, with "fratres eius Herioldum et Reginfredum" being installed as kings The Annales Fuldenses record the death in 812 of "Hemmingo Danorum rege", the succession dispute between "Sigifredo nepos Godofredi regis et Anulo nepos Herioldi", the battle in which both were killed but which Anulo's supporters won, and the accession by "Herioldum et Reginfredum fratres eius regis"Adam of Bremen names "Reginfridum et Haraldum" as successors to Anulo without specifying their relationship to each other, recording that the sons of Godefrid devastasted the kingdom, forcing Harald to seek help from Emperor Louis IHe and his brother Reginfred attacked the sons of King Godefrid in 814 in an attempt to regain the throne but were defeated, after which Harald "came to the emperor [Louis I] and put himself under his protection".Regino records the marriage in 882 of "Gisla filia Hlotharii" and "rex Godofridus Nordmannorum", she was the daughter of Duke Godefrid & his wife Gisela [Carolingian], which is presumably a guess based on this description in the Vita Mathildis. Regino records the marriage in 882 of "Gisla filia Hlotharii" and "rex Godofridus Nordmannorum".

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