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"Let it be the foundation of our law that everyone in this land shall be Christian and believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit." He also decreed that pagan sacrifice, the exposure of infants, and the eating of horseflesh would be tolerated for the time being, if practiced in private.The people agreed and many were subsequently baptized.As a bishop of Skálholt, he sought to enforce the decrees of Rome regarding the ownership of church property and morality of the clergy.The Icelandic calendar has two days dedicated to Þorlákur, 20 July and 23 December.Some of the settlers were Christians, although the majority were pagan, worshipping the old Norse gods.When Iceland was constituted as a republic in 930 CE, it was based on the pagan religion.These continued until 1801, when Iceland became one diocese under one bishop of Iceland, residing in Reykjavík.The country was an independent republic from 930 until 1262.

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"If we put asunder the law, we will put asunder the peace," he said.The first people setting foot on Icelandic soil were Chalcedonian Irish hermits, seeking refuge on these remote shores to worship Christ.Later, Norse settlers are thought to have driven them out.In the late 10th century missionaries from the continent sought to spread Catholicism among the population.

Ari Þorgilsson, in his historical work Íslendingabók, recounts that the nation was deeply divided between the adherents of the different religions that would not tolerate each other.

They chose a person that everybody respected for his wisdom, the heathen priest and chieftain, Þorgeir of Ljósavatn, to decide which way the people should go.