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28-Jun-2017 20:12

We actually […] Andi Dorfman may not have found everlasting love on The Bachelor, but she did find friends for life!The former Bachelorette spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about enjoying her time with fellow her Bachelor contestants more than her time with the season 18 lead, Juan Pablo. I have two girls here […] It’s that time of year again!She meant "a modicum." So close, Meghan.[/italic]"I can’t help it.I love sex and I love men."But I thought conservatives were all about abstinence? I bet she is using birth control which according to Republicans makes her a whore.Lady Gaga’s bassist Jonny Goood opened up about the Joanne world tour and more in this exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

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“Anybody who leaves, you always feel their absence."I did bump into her [Bristol] at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, actually," said Mc Cain. They tended to be pretty liberal when it came to social issues like gay rights but conservative otherwise, so Meghan really speaks to them.

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