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This lantern, in Michel Binard's collection, has the lighting instructions stamped in the collar in 3 languages.Model 238B was made for export; the directions on the collar are only in Dutch and French.Canadian kerosene Model 241 lanterns l-r include 241A dated Jan 1950, in Michael Merz's collection; 241G dated August, 1958, in Niels Bohmer's collection; and 241K dated June 1968, in Michael Merz's collection.First produced in the late 1940's as an economy model, the model lacks an on-off valve and instead is pumped up to run after preheating as is done with many kerosene stove models.This 500 cp kerosene fueled model has a preheater torch and alcohol cup.The generator is ribbed, the burner tip is ceramic, & the ventilator is aluminum. This lantern, in Bob Frank's collection, is dated April '52.Turning them off requires releasing the pressure at the air screw in the filler cap.The pump check valve has a gasket rather than a ball, as on most of the above stoves.

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Coleman Canada used this fount stamp design (lower image) for a number of years.

There are crossed spring clips to the fount base and two springs to a bracket on the frame base plate.