Dating site for visually impaired people

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The criteria were either to help visually impaired young people meet others or to gain employment.The other ideas comprised a community site to help disabled people share experiences of job-hunting, an app that lets a user retrace the steps of another and an app that allows blind people navigate to a destination safely.When I went there, it was so much fun, jamming with someone who understood music like I did.We both were into progressive rock, jazz, and jazz fusion.Members can add photos to their site profile, send instant messages and tour chat rooms.If I can get enough support for such a site I would be willing to create it. She used the name Cindy Morgan, taken from a story. Depending on your likes and dislikes there are certain things that draw you to an individual. Because you don't need sight to see the world The Outlook from Here: Disabled and visually impaired individuals will find Friends Like Me is an easy to use website for meeting friends, making dates and finding information. It actually reads more like a short story, so feel free to skip it.I wanted to clue you in on as much of my experiences as I can.

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We met at a church that we were attending, and I was the keyboard player.I also had brought some albums of mine, like Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and it opened up a new world for him musically.