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25-Dec-2017 23:57

But before this can happen you have to make the sale, which in and of itself is a tricky task.

I sold a website back in 2004 and at the time it was a pretty big deal for me. It went through 3 different domain name and site name changes, at least 4 major design changes and I put in thousands of hours working on it over 7 years, but damn it was fun most of the time.

I would be happy, very happy, to get that sort of price for my hobby site.

In my case my website operated in an industry and had a target market that would be hard to extract much more revenue beyond what I already was getting from advertising.

I emailed all the stores I could find contact details for, some of which I had already established relationships with because they advertised on my site.

I also emailed some of the largest overseas online stores and websites that I thought I should at least notify that I was looking for a buyer to get some interest going.

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When it finally sells you get a (hopefully) big cash injection and move on to new projects feeling renewed and excited about your future prospects.Yes this might sound heartless but I’m being honest and I didn’t really believe I would be forced to sell to a potentially bad owner.) The more information you can provide to potential buyers the better.