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13-Sep-2017 13:16

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At the time, when I was 33, I blamed her for this, thinking that if she liked me more, she’d make a greater effort. What I didn’t know then is that kids suck up every second of free time you’ve got, and that you have to work extra hard to create me-time, much less couple-time.Ultimately, all I wanted from that single mom was to hook up, because that’s all I felt she could give me.I watched a kid take a fall that should’ve broken his legs. They will still protect their own with stiff faces. A braver lot of public servants, you will not find. He shook it off and pranced away like Mary Lou Retton. They have stores, old churches, a stunning post office. I just want a friend and a companion and someone who I have chemistry and intellectual compatibility with.I am seriously at the point of giving up on the whole dating thing…

In my short life, I’ve seen Trustee’s Garden in Savannah, I’ve eaten fifty-dollar shrimp in Charleston, I’ve touched the Cadillac Hank Williams died in. These mossy trees carry chiggers that will eat a man alive.The fact that you’re caring, kind, loyal, warm, and intelligent means that you have a lot going for you and will ultimately make a guy very happy.So instead of giving up on the whole thing – which, as you know – is incredibly shortsighted, given that you have 50 more years on this earth, how about you change focus?I guess I must be in reasonable shape because NOBODY can guess I’ve even had four kids, or that I’m even 34 (I get asked out by guys in their early 20s- I feel like I should read them a story and tuck them into bed… we usually go on a few dates, everything is going wonderful… I’m not talking about church bells, but just to an actual relationship. I am sick of being treated like a piece of ass, and treated like I must be desperate because I have kids.

I’m tired of guys treating me like I should be grateful if they even stick around for five minutes. Do I need to be a nun in order to find someone who can actually see a relationship with me?

At risk of making myself look bad, I once dated a single mom of a two-year-old.

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In fact, he is SO committed to finding The One, that he's outlined 123 of these specified standards in a list I'm dubbing easily as "The World's Most Epic List Of Dealbreakers." This sparkling little gem — now resurfacing from Tumblr — covers everything from subway etiquette to reading material to musical preferences. Just for funsies, I decided to see how I might stack up against this seemingly never-ending list of "don'ts" (I'm keeping the dude's poor spelling and punctuation for the sake of consistency).… continue reading »

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Rachel is just under 5 feet tall and weighs right around 100lbs, and has some great 34D tits up top!… continue reading »

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2014 gestartet, bietet im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes eine spielerische Variation zum klassischen Blind-Dating.… continue reading »

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Intriguojantis humoro serialas, kuriame išvysite 3 visiškai skirtingas šeimas, bei jų gyvenimus ir giminystės ryšius.… continue reading »

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of New York City gave to the Southern Poverty Law Center Nathan F.… continue reading »

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