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Those who know often suffer horrendous (electronic) torture.

See also: STOPEG foundation, READ ABOUT PEOPLE COOKING: The people cookers - Cooking people like a microwave oven cooks meat, or here Electronic harassment and electronic torture list - February 26, 2009 ELECTRONIC WEAPONS (DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS): Probably the most horrible consequence of these weapons based on radio waves is that you can NOT protect yourself, your children, your loved ones anymore.

Police cannot protect you, security services cannot protect you.

That is why these weapons must be banned, not tomorrow but NOW.

Main reason is that May 2010 is my 10th year aniversary of 24/7 horrible crimes committed against me with the aim to murder me (mentally or physically, they don’t care). Me living my life and they wasting their miserable lives and never can return to being a normal human being.

To many people these attacks will look unreal and caused by my imagination. These attacks are the result of 10 years of resisting the every day increasing more horrible crimes of our national secret services. I am blocked, tortured mentally and tortured physically and often have a lot of mental and physical pain with the intention to murder me (slowly), but I still work, take care of my children, have dear friends and family, do my sports, play my guitar and sing, go to the beach, do my sports, have good times, laugh. They will all die a murderer, child abuser, a piece of shit.

People claiming explicitely these kind of attacks are not possible are probably part of the sick network. Not only many innocent people are attacked but they are surrounded by attackers, some claiming to be victims as well, spreading disinformation, to make the real victims look bad. Everything they do is just a confirmation of their failure as a human being in life.

If you take some time and google the internet you will find detailed descriptions of gang stalking, COINTELPRO, microwave weapons (e.g. I am alive and can tell you what is going on in our world.

Update Star has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and Windows XP, 32 bit and 64 bit editions.Nobody ever came to them, most did never commit a crime, have no criminal records.They were just declared target by some higher invisible authority and had to be eliminated.Without enemies left, now almost random people are selected for elimination, put on lists, pointed the enemy, while they are not. Back to About index About May 2010: 10 years of horrible and cruel crimes committed against me – timeline After a slow buildup of increasingly strange things happening in my life, with the aim to make you depressed and paranoid, an explosing of violence occured during a week the intention being to drive me insane so I would commit suicide, collapse into a psychiatric patient, commit a crime.

Letter to Balkenende, Prime Minister of The Netherlands, telling him that I was being physically/mentally murdered by the Dutch secret service (defined as the secret services operating in The Netherlands, asking him to stop these crimes against me, get the bastards and allow me to send them to jail for life.

I have a number of possible reasons, I worked for a very very rich person, met a person connected to the richest family in The Netherlands, etc.

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