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24-Oct-2017 23:31

I believe it is our birthright to experience love, and I believe that being able to share our lives and all their crazy ups and downs with a partner by our side is living life to its fullest potential, and the fullest expansion of ourselves.

Living life just with ourselves and for ourselves keeps us small, a fraction of what we could be in relation with another.

And if you don’t uncover and deal with these, you are going to keep getting the same results with your relationships, over and over again and remain chronically single.

There also may be other factors in self and in your life that are influencing your dating success and preventing you from getting married, like your weight, depression, anxiety, addiction, your career, or your social skills.

De Anna’s revolutionary Coaching and Matchmaking programs and methods Dear gorgeous Goddess…

I’m so glad that fate led you to my site to meet me!

That is why I work , with a comprehensive coaching and healing plan to maximize every part of your life.

so that you can become a truly confident, sexy, attractive and desirable marriage-material Man-Magnet from the inside-out; the BEST version of yourself that you were meant to be.

And not just any mediocre love, I’m talking with a man that utterly rocks your world! But you can’t think of yourself as a victim of life’s circumstances or powerless.I don’t believe there are any accidents, and I know you landed here for a reason.You are an extraordinary woman and I know that there is so much love inside you, just waiting to be fully given to the right man, and have him reciprocate that love.Growing up with four brothers as the only female, she was immersed in males and the male mind; so she has an innate understanding of men, what they want, and how to communicate and connect with them which makes her powerfully insightful and uniquely adept at coaching women on how to improve their relationships with men.

Having been featured on everything from the, De Anna knows the new rules as well as the challenges of modern dating and relationships for women exceptionally well, and has been coaching hundreds of women for the last decade into attracting the relationship of their dreams in just a few months.

The beliefs and ideals that I stand for are what we need more of in this world in order to create better relationships and improve the current trajectory of relationships that we’ve been heading towards.

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