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15-Nov-2017 03:59

On Sunday mornings, Eddie and Cathy enjoyed their cup of coffee while admiring the beauty they had created on the family farm.

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He enjoyed cutting and baling hay and watching his cows graze.

Eddie was known to be a hard worker and an honest, dependable man. Eddie worked many years in the logging woods and began his own logging company that he proudly named Weems & Son’s Logging.

Eddie married the love of his life and soulmate, Cathy Shipp, on June 30, 1984. Many people note him as the most determined and hardest worker one has ever met.

In 1970 she was joined in business by her good friend Hanna Weston.

Together they spent the next 20 years taking groups all around the world until they sold the business in 1996 to AAA Travel. Fla Chapter of ASTA, and avid bowler, boater and a lover of animals. Ferriss, mother, Marian Ferriss Krehnbrink, and brother William (Bud) Ferriss.The angel kiss birthmark on Eddie III’s forehead is proof his Pa Pa welcomed him to this world.