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TM: The whole movie is about how one jerky guy is cheating on Tori and Carly, right? Don't put somebody through the agony of being betrayed.I mean, do you want to feel like a terrible person? TM: Would you ever consider giving someone a second chance if they cheated on you? It would absolutely have to be determined by the circumstances.Avan Jogia was in a dating relationship with his actress girlfriend, Zoey Deutch, for around five years.The two started dating back in 2012 after they met at a concert.The show ran for four seasons and was cancelled in 2013, but many fans holding out for a reunion despite hints of a feud between Justice and Grande. #imgettingold."Notably missing were Justice along with Elizabeth Gillies (and, sure, we'll mention Rex the Puppet, if you're a hardcore Can you think of a better way to spend your birthday? Blige is all smiles as she receives her well-deserved Hollywood Walk of Fame star today.

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Gillies played Jade West on Dan Schneider’s popular Nick show for 57 episodes from 2010 – 2013 alongside costars Grande and Victoria Justice. I think we unanimously had a Twitter thing where somebody, I think it might’ve even been Ari, she’s like ‘I want to do this reunion, who else is down?

On Friday, the cast from the now-defunct Nickelodeon show "Victorious" reunited in an unusual way: with a pajama onesie party.

Victoria Justice first teased the party to fans on Twitter on Friday.

While he was at it, he also dished all about real-life relationships, and what he really thinks about cheaters.

It was great to see everybody again; the premiere was really fun. Liz [Gillies], Jerry [Trainor], Eric [Lange], and I are all in the hot tub for most of the movie, so that's fun too! Go tell the person you're with that you have these feelings. Talk about it, and either come to the conclusion that you're going to break it off or work it out.If I'm married to the person, I would probably try to work it out.