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26-Aug-2017 10:57

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So, it is an interesting question to analyze other forms of online communication to see whether there is evidence for the second regime.In this paper, we analyze data about instant online communication in different chatting communities, specifically Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels, where each channel covers a particular topic.We demonstrate that the stylised facts of the emotional persistence can be reproduced by our model by only calibrating a small set of agent features.This success indicates that our modeling framework can be used to test further hypothesis about emotional interaction in online communities.

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Nowadays, IRC channels are still one of the most used platforms for collective real-time online communication and are used for various purposes, e.g.Dungeons & Dragons material is © Wizards of the Coast. Please read our Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer.How do users behave in online chatrooms, where they instantaneously read and write posts?This shall allow us to identify differences between instantaneous chatting communities and other forms of slower, persistent communication.

In a second step, we look more closely into the content of the discussions and how they depend on the emotions expressed by users.

How do human communication patterns change on the Internet?