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Home Plus VA and USDA Loan Programs are great Arizona zero down loan programs They are offered anywhere in Arizona other than Maricopa and Pima Counties.If you want to use a VA or USDA loan with down payment assistance in Maricopa County, you can choose the Home in 5 down payment assistance program.As such, many people in Arizona have been able to achieve the pride, stability, freedom and wealth that accompanies home ownership.The assistance program is structured as a three-year, no interest, no payment, soft second mortgage, forgiven monthly at a rate of 1/36 over the term of the lien.More detail of each program is provided in the content below.The Arizona Home Plus mortgage program has been updated to offer a greater variety of opportunities to Arizona home buyers who need down payment assistance.For example, in 2018, the maximum FHA loan amount in Pima County is 4,515.Household income cannot exceed ,020 when using a FHA, VA or USDA loan.

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Program Highlights: Conventional loans with down payment assistance can be a great option because unlike some other loan programs, conventional loans allow you to remove the private mortgage insurance (typically on loans with less than 20% down) down the road.

Since there is no down payment requirement, the assistance money from the Home Plus program is instead used to cover closing costs.