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White implied purity; green, growth, vigor, and resurrection.

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt / Donald B. Red symbolized fire, blood, the desert, and chaos; it was the skin color of the male figure in art. Egypt— Civilization— 332 b.c-638 a.d.— Encyclopedias. Spanel, Marion Osmun Copy Chief: Martha Goldstein Copyeditors: Jane Mc Gary, Martin Ahermaa, Betty Leigh Hutcheson. Specific styles, techniques, representational types, and ateliers are re- vealed in painted images and scenes, which were crafted in response to the political, social, and religious demands of their time. Sources of all photographs and line drawings are given in captions to illustrations EDITORIAL AND PRODUCTION STAFF Commissioning Editor: Christopher Collins Project Editor: Eugene Romanosky Development Editors: Donald B. The color of paint identified, and codified with its sym- bolic value, information about the image.In the case of tomb walls of poor-quality stone, the wall received a mixture of Nile mud and hacked straw, sometimes reinforced with limestone chips, to cre- ate a level surface, which was finished with several lavers of gypsum plaster and smoothed before painting.

Walls 1 2 PAINTING of good stone were dressed, patched with gypsum plaster, smoothed, and coated with a thin plaster wash.


Tässä vielä leffan traileri, ja lisätietoa sekä lisää kuvamateriaalia löytyy osoitteesta … continue reading »

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She said she sees about eight Baylor students a year, and of those, she said Baylor athletes make up between 25 percent to 50 percent of the alleged perpetrators.… continue reading »

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Nell'angolo officina puoi trovare tante chiavi per la manutenzione della tua MTB(o bici da strada) in facilità.… continue reading »

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