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Green partly relied on the reputation of Grant Thornton for due diligence done on Dominic Chappell and his Retail Acquisitions Group before selling BHS for £1.

....Philip Hammond delivered an Autumn Statement without gimmicks. Ill-thought through policies aimed at grabbing a headline became too common under his predecessor.

Take bank branches, writes Jeff Prestridge, they should not be allowed to abandon communities altogether.

At the very least they should leave in place a free-to-use cash machine, although I still maintain that shared branches are the best solution – an idea first mooted by Derek French, founder of the Campaign for Community Banking Services more than 20 years ago.

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By we, I mean society – companies and consumers alike.It’s actually a perfectly good system, but not particularly intuitive, and using it can impact the tightness and precision of FIFA’s play.We suspect that the Move controls will be no less divisive here than they have been in Sony’s first-party FPS games – you’re either going to love it or you won’t.Introduction Critically and commercially, FIFA now dominates video games football yet every year there’s a feeling that this might be the year EA Sports slips up.

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It wouldn’t take much – just a lazy update short on tangible improvements or some killer new game mechanic that ends up spoiling the game.Sadly, like most bank branches, pictured, the campaign is no more. Three weeks ago we answered a reader question on This is Money: The cheapest energy deal is with a provider I've never heard of, is it risky to go with them?