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21-Jul-2017 20:47

I came across comments body-shaming many of the women who appear in the photographs and video clips.

Just scrolling through Kingtblak's Instagram page reveals comments like: "That fat girl looks dirty", "As her life don spoil finish, so wetin her real husband gangan go do," and "Please is it that this ladies dem be bastard or orphans... am not understanding hoo." Many more commentators seem to be insulting the actresses rather than Kingtblak himself.

Therefore porn production in Nigeria is very, very underground.

I have heard suggestions from sources in the Nollywood industry that production thrives in small cities outside Lagos, such as Enugu in the South-East and Taraba and Zamfara in the North of the country, to avoid suspicion from authorities.

With the profit from his business, he provides for his daughter.

As a young Nigerian man who wants to 'live people's dreams while making money from it', Kingtblak is the sole actor in his videos.

Indeed, it has been suggested that Nigerians search for more pornographic content online than Americans.

Yet, the general attitude is that porn is toxic and harmful.

Homemade in Naija Technically speaking, making porn is illegal in Nigeria. Online forums have mentioned a proposed law to ban porn websites but there is nothing concrete.

He also shoots, edits, markets and runs the website on his own.

Along with his Twitter and Instagram accounts, where he posts 'behind the scenes' shots of his amateur porn videos, Kingtblak runs Hoc Hub, a website in the style of Porn Hub, where users can pay to watch his videos.

And if sex sells, it also definitely draws a crowd.

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Followers of these Twitter sites range from the thousands to the tens of thousands.

Three years ago, when Nigerian actress Afrocandy released her sexually explicit film Destructive Instinct, she was quick to insist that her movie was not pornographic.

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