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"Let me tell you this." she looked around us to make sure no one was near enough to hear what she was about to say. I'm glad you didn't call the police or something." she kept her voice to a whisper that only I could hear. "Then, you might not be able to watch anymore." she added nervously. It's ten miles from our home." "Then why can't you stay at our home then? I'm sure Aunt Mary has no trouble fetching you to and from work." I argued. She screamed and yelled at me." My sister let out a short laugh, as the incident had been amusing. I cocked my head and gave her the 'you better answer' look. Laura turned away from my eyes and looked at the crowd in front of her.Then, she leaned forward until her lips almost touched my ear. I turned away from Laura as I felt my face heat up. We kept silence as we walked aimlessly around the mall, not knowing where to shop. " "It's more convenient that way." she said timidly. I didn't want my sister to leave our home if she didn't really have to. It took me a while to get what she really meant by convenient. Oh god, this was so utterly wrong at so many levels. I was angry because Aunt Mary and Laura were leaving me out of their secret life. If I asked anyone that question the answer would have been because she a sick perverted sadist. No matter what we did wrong in the past, she would reprimand us the way normal parents would. "And you ignored her like you used to." I presumed. I was high and cold and naked." Laura retorted defensively. "The junkies were..." she paused, "I guess they were raping me. Slowly, she leaned closer to me and lied her head on my shoulder. " I planted a chaste kissed on my sister's hair and smiled. Chapter 5 Aunt Mary came to fetch us back at late afternoon.

My lungs ceased to take in breaths as I gawked at the scene unfolding in the kitchen. I couldn't hear what they were saying as they seemed to be whispering, but judging from the writhing Laura seemed to be doing, I could tell that she was enjoying it. " "You seem..." I paused as I thought up a better word than 'submissive'.