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06-Aug-2017 05:50

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Here are the topics that I have written about so far: What Problems Joshua Harris Acknowledged About How Singles Relate At His Church (But Doesn’t Share on His Website) NEW ENTRY 4/30/08 Starting My Blog: Should I Kiss Dating Goodbye or Kiss That Book Goodbye? Examples of Foolishness That Can Happen With “Kissing Dating Goodbye” NEW ENTRY 4/18/08 Josh Harris’s Shopping Cart Illustration: Josh Harris’s “Updated” View on Courtship/Groups Josh Harris’s View On People Using His Book Legalistically Another Look at Joshua Harris’s “Updated” Views on Kissing Dating Goodbye What Problems Joshua Harris Acknowledged About How Singles Relate At His Church (But Doesn’t Share on His Website) NEW ENTRY 4/30/08 What Another Leader In Sovereign Grace Ministries Teaches About Courtship & Dating: Brett Detwiler A Response to Josh Harris’s 7 “Defects” to Dating Courtship: Extending Parents “Protection” Beyond Home Schooling? Definition of Terms: Dating, Groups & Courtship What Is “Dating” And What Did Harris Supposedly “Kiss Goodbye? “Kissing dating goodbye” appears to be reactionary and going to one extreme. ” and Courtship/Groups Are People Still Kissing Dating Goodbye?Lets not make the same mistake in the opposite direction. Kissing Dating Goodbye Is “Harmful”: A Respected Christian Author’s View on Non-Dating/Courtship Did Joshua Harris “Forget” His Own Church’s History With Courtship/Groups? A Favorite Story About The Need to Think for Yourself A Single Man’s Struggle: Does The Courthship/Group Approach Help or Hinder? For the first time when I actually spoke to him, I saw him not as some evil author out to make a profit on innocent children, but as a fallen man and, more importantly, a Child of God, just as we all are.Many people are up in arms in support of, against, or in skepticism of the film due to their own experience with Harris’ book.

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Something that has bothered me as I have worked through my own experience with purity culture, insofar as his book was involved, is that I was presented with two options: his book as inspired (essentially just an extension of the bible), or his book as a work of religious indoctrination and evil.

His book is one that many of my friends and their parents read, whether by genuine interest or due to coercion.

I didn’t read his book until I was writing my own book evaluating the dangers of purity culture, but the things he promoted were certainly a part of my childhood, for better or worse.

I decided to re-visit this topic today after watching a TEDx video by Joshua Harris.

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For those who don’t know, he is the author of , a book that has sold millions of copies.

I was done with passive aggressive internet discussions in which everyone wanted to talk and no one wanted to listen.

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