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Many lifetimes will be traversed before we are all reconnected with divinity.

I was surprised that Professor Satnam Singh sandhu of Punjabi University Patiala has posted both my articles, on Gandhi and Bahi randhur singh's writings on his web site ( I admire his courage as the professor of GNDU and Punjabi University do not want to take the risk to annoy the people in power. Sangat singh wanted to present a paper at a seminar at GNDU. ies s Msfr qo N q F s B n UM jfx F h I p Yxf h Y pr t Oh VF d I mrdy dm qwk kurs I d I lflsf nh IN ge I, ies kurs I d I Kfqr h I Aus ny sfr I Aumr is WKI n UM dfa qy lfe I rwi Kaf.Manjit Singh, Bhai Ranjit Singh, Bhai Rode, Taksaalis, Deras, KPS Gill, AS Sandhu & other such butchers, Mukh Sevadaars of Akal Takht Sahib, Patna Sahib, Hazur Sahib? What efforts he made to control the spread of Apostasy/Patitpunaa and other brahminical rituals? What has he done to spread the message of Gurbaani enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib and to practice the Sikh Reht Maryada (SGPC) at all places where Sikhs have set up Gurduaras in Punjab, India and abroad? I seek forgiveness if I have quoted any incorrect version.Thanks, Dear Brothers Charnjit Singh Bal and Makhan Singh Purewal Jeo. Sikh Virsa, Sikh Bulletin, Sikh Review and Abstracts of Sikh Studies refused to publish my article about Gandhi and the writings of Bhai Randhir Singh.Last April the editor of Sikh Spectrum called me seeking my permission to publish the article on Gandhi.

I told him, " As a trained scientist I firmly believe that information or knowlede must be shared - propagated in order to separate the truth from dross. This article is not my property and I do not have a patent on it. Dilgir, who change their writings based on their personnel motives, we will stop visiting your site. Thanks Inderbir Singh (s Mpfdk vlo N:-srdfr ie Mdrb Ir is MG j I gurcrn is MG t Oh Vf hux ies dun Ia F ivc nh IN rhy.

Before according honorific title of "Panth Rattan", perhaps they need to look at the achievements during the past 30 years in so far as Sikh religion and Sikhs are concerned: 1.