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29-Aug-2017 03:33

At this point, caring for him means sitting by the bed to keep him company because Stevens is still largely self-sufficient.

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Statements like “I’m ready” and those that express hope for some sort of afterlife are common.

It’s a rarified moment in a human being’s life; one that could help us all come to terms with our impending doom.

on a summer Wednesday, and Billy Canady Jr., 47, is beginning his shift as a hospice volunteer. A mermaid looks down on the bed where Stevens is sleeping, part of an ocean-themed mural that sports his sentimental touch: photos of Stevens’ children and grandchildren by the bed.

Most prisoners take the opportunity to pause on the lip of annihilation and utter a final statement, and the content of these messages range from expressions of guilt and sorrow to expletive-laced outbursts.

Examining the final thoughts of people who have not only had time to think about their ultimate end, but who must also wrestle with overwhelming feelings of guilt and sorrow (though not in every case), provides a unique opportunity for sociologists and psychologists alike.

This makes sense, since both studies used very similar datasets.