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Or do you gravitate more toward the Emerald Isle, which boasts both the bustling city of Dublin and the castles and sweeping views of the west?

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Classes are held at Dublin City University (DCU) and are conducted by faculty from DCU and other Dublin universities.

Through the two courses offered in the program, students will explore how the literary and political history of Ireland contributed to Western civilization and defined the Irish character.

With a focus on communication, this program seeks to make students aware of how national identity is a product of multiple strands of communication influenced not only by technological innovation but also by a cultural inheritance that in the Irish context dates back thousands of years and yet continues to speak with a vibrancy and spirit. For complete information on funding opportunities, please visit the Study Abroad Programs Office website here: or visit for walk-in advising.

“Members of our diaspora from 12 countries including 9 US states tuned in, with one viewer watching while on a flight to Memphis.

“Social media is regularly criticised for having a negative effect on society, but in this instance it demonstrated its power as a tool for communicating instantaneously with people all over the world.

Any such refund will not include the initial application fee and will not be issued until after the education abroad program is completed.

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