Is chris botti dating katie couric

25-Jul-2017 22:40

“She is dating, yes, and she is having a good time.” Couric has two daughters, ages 9 and 13, from her marriage to Jay Monahan, who died of colon cancer in 1998.John Molner, finance executive, first appear in public as Katie Couric’s boyfriend in April 2012.In a 2003 ratings stunt, Couric and NBC's Tonight Show host Jay Leno traded jobs for one day.

Her job, she has said, consisted of brewing coffee, answering phones, and occasionally fetching a ham sandwich for anchorman Frank Reynolds.He was later in charge of public relations for the National Association of Broadcasters, the TV and radio industry lobby.Couric's sister, Emily Couric, wrote Divorce Lawyers: What Happens in America's Courts after a tumultuous divorce, and later served as a Democratic state Senator in Virginia.The ratings went up when Couric was brought in to substitute, and it quickly became clear that Norville would never be coming back.

On 5 April 1991, Couric was promoted from substitute to full-fledged host, alongside Bryant Gumbel and later Matt Lauer.They plan to get married this summer and revealed it will be just a small wedding with their family and close friends.