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Then they lied about whether they had legal standing to instigate the move; they did not.

They lied about the current gravesite being abandoned and not handicap-accessible; it’s not abandoned and it is accessible.

And after all that, Polk’s remains remain in place at the Capitol.

Boners by the Busload When roughly 1,000 protesters showed up at Gov.

His stories were designed to tell listeners about the goodness and loving-kindness of God.

And we still had the Book Of Common Prayer and The King James Bible.'The terrible things they do to young girls are done in the name of religion, but I don’t believe there’s anything in the Koran about genital mutilation.

The only thing of value a presidential site has is its credibility.

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— those people should be ashamed of themselves.” Could there be anything more boneheaded than equating people who are passionately concerned about preserving Nashville’s black history with the Nazis who want the country to be whites-only? First they lied about the contents of Polk’s will, claiming he wanted to be buried at his mother’s, which he did not.

Bill Haslam to do something gutsy, like moving the statue himself. In August, as a part of the pitch to let his group develop part of Fort Negley Park into an arty neighborhood, music impresario T Bone Burnett gave an impassioned but strange speech to the city council.

Somehow, by Burnett’s logic, the people opposed to developing the land where black people might be buried are in the same league as the violent white nationalists who turned up in Charlottesville, Va., this year.

And they didn't finish the story,' said Pullman of The Golden Compass, the 2007 film of the first part of His Dark Materials The film also ran into trouble with the Catholic League, whose leader, William Donohue, called for Catholics to boycott it, lest young viewers might read the books, which, they claimed, denigrated Christianity and promoted atheism for children.

He has seen the script and given it his blessing (‘I was happy to let them get on with it – it’s their project, not mine’), but I suspect his conservative soul disapproves of the gimmickry that has the audience encounter characters from the Tales in basement rooms dressed up as magic forests or foreign kingdoms.‘No he was very benign, a very kind man, a good storyteller.It has come to the committee’s attention that some in New Nashville might not know what a Boner actually is.

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