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- lukestheman4 He's extremely girly - Root Beer Fan His Letter to the People Who Listen to Heavy Metal He sounds like a girl, I don't care. Oh wait, that must be the reason he can listen to his own music without killing himself. The Beatles hold a special place in most people's heart the way the Jonas Brothers do to younger girls now. You see, the Beatles had inspiring lyrics that made people re-evaulate their lives, and gave a peaceful way of listening. The only thing that would make him look sexier is a paper bag. My grandma's more manly than this sack of dog crap. God I wish that guy would have killed him the other day... There is no way that arrogant brat is ever going to be the next Michael Jackson. They treat him like their idol and love him so much! He finally gets it and spits on the people who make his piggy disgusting childish dreams true. I'm glad my favorite music artists like their fans and wouldn't punch them or spit on them or call them "beached whales" or cancel/show up 2 hours late for a concert or whatever else is on this list.

By the way vote for Hatsune Miku to perform at the London Olympics so Justin Bieber doesn't catch up - naynayabadilla Hatsune Miku has a better chance to perform at the Tokyo Olympics. But lets just say he showed up three hours late to a concert once. Feminine guys are kind of cute, and so are masculine ones sometimes but Justin Bieber is NO! You got more talent than selena but with your hair, not a chance. I just wish I knew this one place where I wont find Beaver. - Root Beer Fan He Stole the Title From Backstreet Boys' Song "As Long As You Love Me" I think he should be beaten up all the time! Like Taylor Swift stole the title shake it off from Mariah Carey.

Never want to disappoint but I feel I would rather give you guys the show and my albums as promised.

Can't tell you how sorry I am, and wish it wasn't so hard on me..

Another Rose Where: Left elbow Why: Presumably another sleeve fill-in.

The Smiling Korean Mask Where: Right forearm Why: Again, he loves Korea. “TRUST” Where: Right sleeve Why: The same name of a song on the album Purpose: “If I believe in love / And you believe in love / Then we can be in love somehow.” Trust. You guys make me better and I'm blessed to have you in my life #Georgia #gtat A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Two Hashtags Where: Right forearm Why: Presumably a nod to his 69 million Instagram followers.

In the same GQ interview he called the whole process “mad uncomfortable.” The Canadian has amassed more ink than there are U. states in his 22 years of life, sharing countless near-naked snaps of those tattoos via poetic scenes he likes to stage in one of three ways: while shirtless, near a shower curtain, or in only a towel and/or Calvin Klein underwear.

Last month Bieber unveiled a new face tattoo, inspiring a flurry of headlines and mandating (for me, at least) a perusal of the fan boards dedicated to locating and decoding his prolific ink.

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“It seems like I have a lot of stuff,” Justin Bieber once said of having 56 tattoos.

He Sounds Like a Girl I think he will win a grammy for the girliest voice ever He sounds like a girl who always repeat the line, Baby, baby, ooh.. "Baby" is even better than Gummy Bear - Animefan12 Worst singing voice I have ever herd. HOW CAN HE HATE ANIME Is Rude to His Fans I agree, he is very rude to his fans. Often these "girls" who "loves" him thinks he is amazing even though he couldn't care less about them, I read in the news and on the internet how he almost killed a baby, because he was driving high. - Rock Fashionista This is why he is hated, he is rude to his fans but they still love him? - bilbro29 He peed on his fans - Root Beer Fan He Calls The Beatles the Crap Band If you think the Beatles is a crap band, you have NO taste in music and cannot possibly become a musician. - Swag Flicks How does He call them the crap band if he sang Let It Be. He tries to look tough in his pictures by not smiling. - Root Beer Fan He's Always Being Compared to Michael Jackson Thinks he is Michael Jackson... Wasn't all he was trying to do was to make money and listen to people saying how hot he is?