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The Hailey half of the quartet went on to have three more platinum-selling records as a twosome before their own addictions halted the career. But the Oakland women ultimately avoided all that by churning out triple platinum albums instead.

So why’d the trio walk away so soon after achieving success? Well, former frontwoman Pam sited vague personal issues for the “calamity” that befell the trio.

Regardless, there is no disputing Raphael Saadiq simply wanted to continue embarking on projects without the Tonys, forming Lucy Pearl (with ex-En Voguer Dawn Robinson) a couple years later.

Now that probably made for an awkward Thanksgiving.

As frontman Sisqo put it to Vibe in 2011, “When we left our old distribution, everybody went their separate ways and in doing that, that separated us.” They were never the original four again.

Read on for the beefs behind En Vogue, Jodeci, SWV and more ’90s R&B groups.Original Members: Mark “Sisqó” Andrews, Larry “Jazz” Anthony, Tamir “Nokio” Ruffin, James “Woody Rock” Green Known For: ”In My Bed” The Breakup: Hearts exploded all over the country when newcomers Dru Hill performed debut single “Tell Me” on Ricki Lake in 1996, but five years ago it was nothing but tempers exploding when they tried and failed to reunite in 2008.