Online dating esl lesson

28-Jul-2017 02:09

You can see how this 'simple' example quickly got quite complicated!

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Pretty much any event on Earth is going to involve more than one sphere.Or, does it mean that they belong to the atmosphere because they're in the air? Is this part of the geosphere because it's in the ground or considered part of the hydrosphere because it's still water, no matter where it's found?Or, is this part of the biosphere because the soil is also filled with living things of all shapes and sizes?Humans use a variety of natural resources to generate power, such as plant material, oil, natural gas, wind, water and sunlight.

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You can see right away that we've involved all of the spheres already, even before we started talking about how we harness these resources!

Together, they make up all of the components of our planet, both living and non-living.

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