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As a result of the controversy, Waterloo College's entire Department of Mathematics broke away from the College to join the newly established University of Waterloo, later joined by professors from the Economic, German, Modern Languages, and Russian departments.

Despite this controversy, until 1960 Hagey hoped that a last-minute compromise between Waterloo College and the University could be achieved.

The university offers academic programs administered by six faculties and ten faculty-based schools.

The university also operates four satellite campuses and four affiliated university colleges.

The university's main campus lies within the city of Waterloo, Ontario.

It is bordered by Waterloo Park to the south, Wilfrid Laurier University to the southeast, residential neighbourhoods to the northeast, east and west, and the Laurel Creek Conservation Area to the northwest.

Needles proposed a different approach towards education, including both studies in the classroom and training in industry that would eventually become the basis of the university's cooperative education program.

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The president, appointed by the board, was to act as the institution's chief executive officer and act as a liaison between the two groups.

Ultimately, however, the University created its own Faculty of Arts in 1960.