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It ends on a note of irony and moral ambiguity that I’m surprised Hitchcock got away with in 1929.

(He may have been, too, since he complained to Truffaut about not being able to shoot a somewhat analogous conclusion for ’ series finale even before James Gandolfini died.

It’s a long-standing and commonplace belief among movie nerds that the highest level of cinematic purity was lost with the transition from silent film to talkies. The introduction of sound, in a way, jeopardized that perfection. In one scene, he lurks menacingly outside the door while June takes a bath, foreshadowing *Psycho’*s shower scene by three and a half decades.

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One of the production’s assistant cameramen, the future director Michael Powell (), apparently came up with the idea for the climactic, tour de force chase through the British Museum—the first of the landmark-set finales that would become a Hitchcock trademark in later works such as (which was also shot in an inferior sound version, as was sometimes the case in those transitional days) begins with a close-up of a police wagon’s tires—the wheels of justice literally turning.[They did have musical accompaniment, of course.] But this slight imperfection did not warrant the major changes that sound brought in. In the final era of silent movies, the great filmmakers . Aside from the obvious care, skill, and imagination with which the picture was shot, it’s not particularly Hitchcockian (the girl is a brunette), but it’s fun and the fight scenes are surprisingly visceral. German actress Anny Ondra, playing a shopkeeper’s daughter, ditches her cop boyfriend at a restaurant for a sketchy-looking artist who invites her over to his atelier to see his paintings.