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24-Aug-2017 11:47

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Yes you can go ahead a go through the recovering process, but that takes time and we are lazy.It is way smarter to keep reminding you of your password, and that is exactly what Markus does.Back in the day he went as far as posting a huge Google Ad cheque made to his name from advertising revenue gained through his website.Nope, Markus is no fool so if he stores passwords in plain text is for a reason, and a good one indeed. Every so often, POF sends you an email with your password so you don’t forget it. For one, it acts like a news letter, it reminds you that POF exists, that you should go there.I was just sick and tired of people asking me time and time again which mobile dating sites were the best and which apps got me laid.More importantly, I was so sick of hearing my friends bitch and moan about how ineffective, costly and disappointing some apps were. Therefore, the dating guide was created and as they say, the rest is history.According to Markus himself most people signup for 2 or more online dating sites. well, the one that makes it super easy to remember your password and yes the cheapest one. So there you go, what is most likely, that a guy that has build the largest free dating site the world is a moron?

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Not only that, Markus has admitted that keeping pictures aspect ratio all wonky is great to increase ad revenue traffic as people are forced to click on the pictures to view them properly.

Unfortunately, a great deal of people use the same password for many of their online accounts.