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The plants do not like changes; the species are perfectly adapted to the way things are in different areas, including seasonal water levels, quality, temperature.

back to top The methods used to harvest rice have remained unchanged for centuries.

Today, the rice is put into large bags upon returning to the landing and taken to rice processing facilities.

Historically, rice was dried by spreading it out on birch bark or blankets on the ground and continuously raking it to allow the air and sun to dry it. Another method used was to spread the rice out on drying racks constructed from green branches and grass and then by placing the racks over the fire.

Today, the "wild" varieties and the "cultivated" or "farm grown" varieties of wild rice remain an especially important crop for both lake and river producers and modern day farmers.

The "poler" stands in the front, while the "knocker" sits in the rear of the canoe.

Wild Rice is an annual grass which grows naturally in many Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin lakes.