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❤ He seeks more G-spot stimulation for Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #180 ❤ Entice Sale through Dec 30th!❤ Special podcast submission deadline reminder ❤ He wants to convince his long distance LTR to try pegging, help?

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❤ He asks - look for the pegger first or look for the woman first?❤ He would like to introduce his GF to the idea of pe Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #179 ❤ Patreon Update ❤ Walmart rant!❤ December 17th - End Violence Against Sex Workers Day ❤ Pegging has improved their relationship and their communication!Otherwise, I have resolved to finish work on the Clark Ashton Smith bibliography (which I spent years, off and on, compiling, in conjunction with Scott Connors and David E. The bibliography is in reasonably good shape, but a number of incomplete items (including several foreign editions of Smith) need to be fleshed out, and the whole work needs to be updated to cover works that have appeared in the last year or two.

The book will appear from Hippocampus Press later this year—which, I need hardly remind anyone, is the 125th anniversary of Smith’s birth.❤ Prostate drainage talk ❤ He realizes why Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #178 ❤ Upcoming Special Podcast schedule ❤ She needs ideas for their pegging sexts ❤ He offer recommendations for erectile function and a bidet ❤ He discovered his prostate and waxes poetic!