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Somewhere between the two in temperament was the Ginsberg's second son, Irwin Allen, born on June 3, 1926.

A shy and complicated child growing up in Paterson, New Jersey, Allen's home life was dominated by his mother's bizarre and frightening episodes.

Their reading at the Royal Albert Hall signalled the beginning of the London underground scene, based at the UFO Club, from which bands like Pink Floyd and the Soft Machine would emerge.

Bob Dylan often cited Ginsberg as one of the few literary figures he could stand. My national resources consist of two joints of marijuana millions of genitals an unpublishable private literature that goes 1400 miles an hour and twenty-five-thousand mental institutions.

Perhaps most importantly, he exorcised some internal demons by writing 'Kaddish,' a brilliant and surprising poem about his mother's insanity and death. - Berkeley, January 17, 1956 From Collected Poems 1947-1980 by Allen Ginsberg, published by Harper & Row. In nineteen hundred forty-nine China was won by Mao Tse-tung Chiang Kai Shek's army ran away They were waiting there in Thailand yesterday Supported by the CIA Pushing junk down Thailand way First they stole from the Meo Tribes Up in the hills they started taking bribes Then they sent their soldiers up to Shan Collecting opium to send to The Man Pushing junk in Bangkok yesterday Supported by the CIA Brought their jam on mule trains down To Chiang Mai that's a railroad town Sold it next to the police chief's brain He took it to town on the choochoo train Trafficking dope to Bangkok all day Supported by the CIA The policeman's name was Mr. I walked on the banks of the tincan banana dock and sat down under the huge shade of a Southern Pacific locomotive to look for the sunset over the box house hills and cry.

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He worked hard to promote the works of Kerouac and Burroughs to publishers, neglecting to promote his own. "Each on his bed spoke to himself alone, making no sound." First thought, best thought. duhet, Ruajne mushkerite e tuburllta nga pneumonia e ndyre. LSD (lloj droge halucinative) Eshte nje perbindesh me miliona sy te shumefishte Eshte i fshehur ne te tera, eshte elefanti dhe uni Gumezhin ne makinen e shkrimit elektrike Eshte elektricitet I lidhur me veten, nese ka Percjellesa Eshte nje rrjete e pamate merimange Por ne fundin e larget te Universit merimanga Symillioneshe nuk ka emer Rrotullohet rreth vetes pafundesisht Perbindeshi qe nuk eshte perbindesh afrohet Me mollet, parfumin, herkurudhat, Televizionin, kafkat Nje Univers qe ha dhe pi vetveten Gjak nga kafka ime Krijese tibetione me gjoks leshator dhe Zodioku Ne stomakun tim Kjo viktimi sakrifimi e paafte te shijoje pakez kohe te mire Fytyra ime ne pasqyre, floket e holle, gjak qe tejmbush Damaret poshte suve te mi, rubinete thithese, nje dekompozim, duke biseduar per epshin nje kafshim, nje hungerime, nje kontraktim i ndegjegjshem ne pafundesi nje ngjethje ne syte e tere Universit Duke u munduar t?

He began consorting with Times Square junkies and thieves (mostly friends of Burroughs), experimenting with Benzedrine and marijuana, and cruising gay bars in Greenwich Village, all the time believing himself and his friends to be working towards some kind of uncertain great poetic vision, which he and Kerouac called the New Vision. Nothing beyond what we have--what you had--that so pitiful--yet Tri- umph, to have been here, and changed, like a tree, broken, or flower--fed to the ground--but made, with its petals, colored, thinking Great Universe, shaken, cut in the head, leaf stript, hid in an egg crate hospital, cloth wrapped, sore--freaked in the moon brain, Naughtless. Max grieves alive in an office on Lower Broadway, lone large mustache over midnight Accountings, not sure. Jam I semure nga kerkesat e tua te cmendura Ti me ben mua te jem I shenjte Refuzoj te heq dore nga mania ime fikse Amerika mos me tundo, e di se c?

He began a passionate (for him, anyway) sexual affair with the reluctant Neal Cassady, and visited Cassady in Denver and San Francisco, helping to set in motion the cross-country trend that would soon inspire Kerouac's 'On The Road' adventures. No flower like that flower, which knew itself in the garden, and fought the knife--lost Cut down by an idiot Snowman's icy--even in the Spring--strange ghost thought some--Death--Sharp icicle in his hand--crowned with old roses--a dog for his eyes--cock of a sweatshop--heart of electric irons. His life passes--as he sees--and what does he doubt now? po bej Amerika, lulet e kumbulles po bien Ti duhet te me kesh pare duke lexuar Marksin Psikoanalisti im mendos se jam krejtesisht ne rregull S?

Louis Ginsberg was a published poet, a high school teacher and a moderate Jewish Socialist.

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His wife, Naomi, was a radical Communist and irrepressible nudist who went tragically insane in early adulthood.

Even so, he was the first Beat writer to gain popular notice when he delivered a thundering performance of his new poem 'Howl' at the now-legendary Six Gallery poetry reading in October 1955. Une thirra nje shfaroses qe lagu dyshemene e murit me Vaj-vrases tartabiqesh: Qe do te njome trurin tim me Vaj vrases !

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