Pointer records not updating

26-Jul-2017 02:36

The other computers get no group policies, so you can forget about any carefully-orchestrated centralized management scheme. Imagine what would happen if you asked your users to type Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) rather than simple flat names to connect to internal servers. Users are willing to type com to buy a used wristwatch, but they don’t want to type \w2k3s102school.edu\ freshman_zclass to map a drive. The domain to which the desktop or server belongs has a DNS name as well as a flat name.

DNS servers, however, stubbornly insist that every query specify a target domain. You can see this suffix in the Properties of the local system (Figure 1).

Please note that each update must be made from the IP whose record you wish to update.

This new functionality provides greater flexibility in setting up your applications in our cloud.If this is your case, please contact support and we’ll add the record manually for you.For the vast majority of customers this method works reliably and can be incorporated easily into automated deployment workflows to ensure PTR records are in place across a dynamic environment. Windows Vista and Windows 7 Clients do not register the PTR record by default when DDNS updates are done.

In Windows environments the DHCP Server is responsible for performing PTR record registration on behalf of the client.

With UCS / Samba4 the DHCP Server can't do DNS updates by itself so the updates are directly triggered by the clients.

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