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His first concern as pope was to enforce rigidly ecclesiastical discipline .He issued several decrees on ecclesiastical dress and was unsparing in his efforts to abolish any semblance of luxury or worldly pomp among the cardinals.In the government of his diocese, Cardinal Orsini was unremitting in his labours and zeal.He visited even the most remote hamlets and was not less watchful over temporal than over spiritual things.

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Each year he made an episcopal visitation to every parish.

Against his oft repeated protestations he was chosen 29 May, 1724, and even after the final vote was taken he refused to yield, arguing that his age, his physical weakness, his incapacity, and a resolution which he made never to become pope, should exempt him from such a grave responsibility.

He yielded only when it was made clear to him that grave dangers were to be feared if the conclave should be reopened.

He provided for the needs of the people, repaired churches and held a diocesan synod, the decrees of which he published.

In 1680, when Innocent XI transferred him to Cesena, he left to the people of Siponto a memorial of his apostolic activity, his devotion to the poor and his constant preaching brought about a thorough-going reformation among both clergy and people.(PIETRO FRANCESCO ORSINI) Born 2 February, 1649; died 23 February, 1730.