Qmail maildirsize not updating

11-Aug-2017 20:42

Also please notify that this script has not been tested on the long rung, so I cannot quarantee does it work with all cases (as it seems that maildirsize seems to grow lines with every received/deleted e-mail and all of these lines must be read with tail command and sum with paste/bc commands.

[password] vadddomain -b /path/to/some/Maildir [password] vadddomain -b delete [password] vadddomain -b bounce-no-mailbox [password] In summary...

If you want to use kilobytes instead, modify the two instances of $HARDQUOTA/1048576 to$HARDQUOTA/1024 and all MB’s to k B’s in the email template.

In my Debian system I was unable to change the sender mail address with setenv QMAILUSER ‘do-not-reply’ line, which why it’s commented. /bin/bash # Shell Script utility to read the maildirsize file.

Copy and paste the followin script to notepad/pico or any other favorite editor of your’s and save the file with name “mailboxquota.sh”.

(You may need to modify the Plesk installation path MAILROOT=/var/qmail/mailnames): #!

If no such .qmail-* file is found, qmail-local executes the .qmail-default file for the domain.